As a company, we are not only responsible for our products and the satisfaction of our customers, but also for our employees.

We firmly believe that a corporate culture based on partnership and open-mindedness with the involvement of employees creates an atmosphere in which creativity, motivation and innovation are born.

Motivated and qualified employees are a decisive competitive advantage. Therefore, from a social and entrepreneurial point of view, it is crucial that business management and human resources development intertwine and complement each other. For this reason, we have implemented fair working conditions, professional development, flexible working hours, annual feedback meetings, bonus systems, soft-skill training and programmes for the development of individual career paths as well as targeted conflict and health management at TenDance.

We recognise personal abilities, talents and strengths, appreciate the performance of each individual and are proud of the versatility and diversity of our employees. For us, this is the basis of good leadership as well as successful cooperation.

Through these measures, we want to create a corporate culture that makes our employees proud to be part of TenDance. Because they represent the company internally and externally.


We are looking for colleagues on whom we can build. We value reliability and the long-term view in a family business.


Different professional groups and levels of responsibility meet at eye level. Anyone who needs support or information will always find support.


We share a high standard for the results of our work. For us, providing good services means: we burn for the contribution we can make in our workplace. Whether in the encounter with customers and suppliers or in supporting areas.

We are pleased that you would like to apply for a job with us.

However, we do not currently have any vacancies.



Mandy Schramm

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Please note that all applications must be submitted digitally - please do not send paper applications.