Environmental protection & sustainability

Sustainability is an important part of TenDance's corporate culture. It is the responsibility of each individual to deal with existing resources in the present in such a way that they are preserved.

As a company, we take on this principle of responsibility voluntarily - for the environment and for the people.

Environmental protection

TenDance cares deeply about environmental protection and sustainability. For this reason, we have taken various measures over the last 15 years to make our contribution. Starting with climate-neutral websites, green electricity in all business premises, 300% dual system, electric vehicle fleet and the support of climate protection projects.


In addition to the economic and ecological aspects, we also care about our social responsibility. TenDance advocates an appreciative and prejudice-free working environment that values talent on the basis of its performance. Regardless of age, gender and gender identity, ethnic origin and nationality, religion and belief, sexual orientation and identity or physical abilities.

Goals achieved


Over 2 million tonnes of CO2 offset per year through participation in climate protection project.


100% electric vehicles and
100% green electricity in all operating facilities, vehicles and server locations.


300% Dual system on a voluntary basis to cover the entire chain of packaging materials.

Sustainable Forest Protection

The Rainforest Community Projects are committed to protecting unique habitats and aim to achieve sustainable benefits for the local population and the environment.

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We started 15 years ago with various measures to protect and preserve the environment. Despite all our archievements, we remain deliberately modest, because our steps are small, the road is still long and there is still much to do.

FirstClimate Zertifizierung

Climate neutral website

CO² generated by visiting our website is offset by climate protection projects.

Ökostrom Zertifizierung

High-performance Internet server

100% green electricity also in our data centre.

WWF Zertifizierung

Amazonian sponsorship

To protect the environment and habitat.

Climate neutral website

One click and you get the information or article you want delivered to your door. Possibilities that were never dreamt of 25 years ago. But every search query and every visit to a website requires energy and thus causes CO2 emissions.

In contrast to the purchase of 100% green electricity in our business premises, however, we have no influence on where the visitors to our websites get their electricity from.

The solution: we set an example and make our websites climate-neutral in cooperation with the certified and TÜV-tested company First Climate. To do this, we support a VCS and CCBS certified REDD+ climate protection project, which protects the Amazon forest in Peru and buys more and more new forest areas to save them from deforestation. In addition to the annual emission reduction of over 2 million tonnes of CO2, our contribution also benefits the local population. The projects we support strengthen the existing economy and create new income and employment opportunities.

Sustainable high-performance internet servers

For our internet servers for the operation of websites and online shops, we rely on high-performance servers. A total of 7 servers in cluster operation process hundreds of thousands of requests simultaneously and ensure fast access times of a few milliseconds per page and uninterrupted access to our offers..

Such high-performance server systems require a large amount of energy. The ancillary systems for operating the servers, such as routers/switches, air-conditioning systems, etc., also require energy around the clock. In our data centre, this energy comes 100% from green electricity generated in sustainable plants from renewable energy sources.

100% green electricity at all operating sites since 2004

Electricity is one of the largest producers of the climate-damaging gas carbon dioxide (CO2). Therefore, it is part of our self-image to protect our environment by using electricity without producing this climate killer. Since 2004, we have been using 100% certified green electricity from wind, solar and water power at all our production sites.

300% Dual System on a voluntary basis

The Dual System in Germany is a very important step towards protecting and preserving our environment in the long term by recycling important raw materials. In Germany, the Dual System was introduced with the aim of assuming product responsibility. This is because the Dual System provides for the recycling of packaging material brought to the market, thus protecting important resources.

However, this requirement is not yet sufficient for us, which is why we take on more responsibility and get involved beyond what is required by law.

Why do we do this?

Every year, thousands of tonnes of packaging material arrive in Germany from foreign traders and companies that do not participate in the dual system. We take responsibility here and ensure through our voluntary upgrading that such materials also enter the dual system and that the volume of packaging waste is reduced.

That is why we are currently paying 3 times more into the dual system than we would be obliged to by law.

Recycled packaging material

In addition to publishing and event management, we also run an electronic music and consumer goods distribution business. In the logistics centre required for this, a nearly 30m long fully automated packaging line operates, packaging at a rate of 1200 orders per hour. This packaging line is not only powered by 100% green electricity, but we also use 100% recycled packaging material specially made for us. Only 10% of our orders, which have to be packed manually outside the packaging line due to their size or shape, are packed differently. For all other orders, we try to use recycled materials as much as possible. For example, since 2017 we have only used recycled (second use) or recycled filling material for our shipments. Our machines used until then for the production of plastic filling material have been decommissioned and are no longer used.

We support WWF as a monthly donor

The World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) is a Swiss foundation based in Gland, Canton Vaud. It was founded in 1961 and is one of the largest international nature and environmental protection organisations. The WWF is committed to the preservation of a biodiversity on earth, the sustainable use of natural resources and the containment of environmental pollution and harmful consumer behaviour. The WWF has been repeatedly recognised in numerous tests for its transparency, cost-effectiveness and organisation. That's why we donate a fixed amount every month to support WWF Germany in its important work.

Our Amazonian sponsorship

For the past ten years, an area of forest the size of more than three football fields has been destroyed on average every minute in the Brazilian Amazon basin alone. This means that not only trees are disappearing, but also numerous animal species, including some that we may not even have discovered or come to know yet. In order to protect this most important habitat on earth, we have taken out a sponsorship to protect it in addition to our monthly donation to the WWF.

Stronger together

We cannot achieve long-term change alone. That's why we donate a portion of our monthly turnover to charitable organisations to work together on the principle of responsibility for nature, people and the environment. We are currently supporting:

  • Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)/ Doctors without Borders
  • UNICEF e.V.
  • Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V.
  • WWF Deutschland Stiftung
  • Klimaneutrale Webseite
  • OK Power
  • Montana
  • firstclimate
  • WWF
  • ALBA - Recycling, Kreislaufmanagement, & Entsorgung
  • Bähr
  • Zentek
  • Duales System